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Your natal chart (birth chart) is your fingerprint. It contains your character analysis, your one-on-one relationships, the type of characters you attract, your marriage and partnership potentials, your relationship with your parents, your roots, children and their potentials, your profession and your financial gains, individual points of luck as well as the points that hold you back in life and how you can break free from such restraints...

This consultation gives you all the potential energies that will occur in the year ahead. It identifies big, radical changes and points to exact dates/times such shifts can be experienced. Every Full and New Moon, all Solar and Lunar Eclipses, all planet retrogrades in a year and how they will affect you will be explained to you in this consultation...

Synastry Charts are interpreted by a simultaneous reading of the natal charts of two different individuals. It provides inference on how these two people affect each other’s lives. These charts not only show your romantic journey with a potential or an existing partner, but also provide a comparative reading that can cover anyone who touches your life in a meaningful way such as close friends, parents and opponents/rivals...

It is necessary for you to know your exact birth time so that you can get an accurate consultancy on your natal chart and yearly forecast. If you do not know your exact time of birth, then you can ask for birth time detection, which is called rectification. For this, you should provide an approximate time span for your time of birth (give or take 3-4 hours). Then you will have to identify the exact dates of certain critical events that have taken place in your life. 

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Astrology examines the effect of planets energies on humans. This is never fortune-telling. Interpretations never done with feelings, instincts or some kind of supernatural powers. The basis of astrology based on the birth charts (natal charts). There are billions of combinations of one’s natal chart, it includes the positions and locations of the planets with their aspect with each other. You can think that your natal chart is your fingerprint or your genetic code. It is all unique to you.

The horoscope which you are born in can not describe you completely. It can only tell you the general characteristics. If we think that there are 12 zodiac signs, then it means you are dividing all the people around the world into 12 equal parts and it is wrong. Because everyone is unique. Unfortunately, this view is the basis of all the judgement against astrology as a fortune telling. You may describe the daily, weekly, monthly horoscope as popular culture, but it has nothing to do with astrology

Daily, weekly or monthly horocsope can not detect your own zodiac sequence, the planets positions and its aspects. For this reason these writings generally divide people into 12 and talks about similar features.

Astrology respects your will, there is nothing you can not change with your free will. With astrology, all the energy flows, challenges and lucky potentials can be predicted. Your will and those predictions can give you the power to have what you want. If you choose to stay with the flow and not use your own will, then the potentials in your natal chart will evolve over your choices or the choices which you did not make. At this point, knowing all the difficulties, challenges, problems, chances and supports in your natal chart will give you more power. The flow of the energies which planets create can all change with your will power. Your awareness change everything. Predictions give us trends and potentials. It is possible to use the potentials and challenges in one’s favor. You can have this power by having natal chart and yearly transits examined by an astrologer. 

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