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Synastry Chart Analysis

Synastry Chart is the combination of two individual natal chart. Its a comparative study of two different chart. It provides inference on how these people affect each other’s lives. What are the areas of the strength and weakness in the relationship? These charts do not only show your romantic journey with a partner but a comperative reading that can cover everyone who touches your life like friends, parents, children, rivals, partners and opponents.


Try not give any bonus to compliance analysis which many people recommend. Based on the fact that people are not two-dimensional and four-cornered like puzzle pieces, they cannot be identified as compatible or incompatible in relationships. Your relationships with people evolve with your own journey, enrich and create new identities. Every person has something to add to your life. Synastry charts also help you to understand those bonds. It is very important that why is that person in your life, when and which energies brought that person into your life. All the potentials of that relationship’s journey can be predicted through synastry and composite charts.


Note: For synastry chart analysis, two people’s birth dates, exact birth times and place of births are required. Sessions can be carried out with the request of the client as Skype call, FaceTime call, Zoom. This counselling lasts up to 60 minutes.

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