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Hello, I'm Fatma

I am a professional astrologer and i have been providing professional astrology consultancy for 7 years. I am also an art historian. My knowledge-hungry soul demands new knowledge every day. My priority is to make sense of life, to present what I make sense of. I try to share my research&analysis along with my experiences in a very direct language. 

About Me

As my ascendant 26 degrees Sagittarius, I value experience, philosophy, and being able to see the big picture. I am still learning and improving myself on the journey to wisdom. I'm trying to explain that astrology is a language and I can translate this language. This translation is only to support the evolution of the soul and to open more beautiful paths. What I love most is to change a person's perspective so that they can understand their own life journey. To help them understand and realize their own designs. It's to make you stand out. Being able to change your perspective is very valuable to me. My passion is to understand and translate this ancient system that humanity has been working on for centuries. The road is very long and there is something new every day. It's always fun to go deep.


My astrology journey started in 2014 after challenging experiences. I am a self-taught astrologist. I took courses from astrologers who have different perspectives. My belief that we are our own teacher&guide keeps me beyond belonging to an institution or a teacher. In my own journey, I give importance to experiential knowledge, not book knowledge. So for me experience has a greater power than somebody’s word. I am still studying astrology. After focusing mainly on modern-western astrology, I expanded my perspectives studied modern astrology, classical astrology, energy astrology, karmic astrology, synastry, medical astrology, predictive astrology, elective astrology. The journey of learning astrology is a never-ending journey, as every astrologer knows. Always continue to be a student. Other than these, my areas of interest and research topics are; art, film, mythology, synchronicity, reincarnation, telepathy and occultism. 

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