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Yearly Forecast

Predictions with Planet’s Transits


This consultation gives you all the potentials that can be with you in one year. It identifies big, radical changes and times that can be experienced. Session includes detailed 12 month predictions by using all astrological prediction techniques.


Every Full and New Moon in twelve months, all Solar and Lunar Eclipses, every important transit, planets retrogrades in a year and how they will affect you will be given to you in this session. It includes general comments and predictions by using all astrological prediction tecniques such as solar returns, lunar returns, profections, solar arcs, and progressions. You will have your foresight for whole one year. This consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes. At the very end of consultation, you may ask any question in your mind and get the answers according to your natal chart and transits. For this consultation, your birth date, exact birth time and place of birth are required. If you know your birth time approx, then you may have your exact birth time detected with rectification.

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