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Natal  Chart Analysis

Your natal chart (birth chart) is your fingerprint. Natal chart counseling is for knowing one's self and understanding one's own potential in this life. It is studied to help you discover yourself, to embrace life more and to better understand your life flow. This analysis is an interactive study of your life themes. It contains character analysis, one to one relationships, health, characters you attract, marriage/partnership potentials, relationships with parents, your roots, children and their potentials, professions, financial gains, the luck points in your life, the points that prevent you, how you can overcome them. It tells you all your strengths and your weaknesses, how to develop and use all of them in your personal life. Lessons, gifts and all of the potentials. How can you change the direction of your life? What is your purpose in life ? What is it that your soul want to achieve and where are you going in this life ? It is the best gift you can get for yourself, which will also increase your awareness. 


Natal charts are created with the basis of the planets’s travel around the Sun and their exact positions when you are born. Its basically a screenshot of the sky the moment of your birth. Each of these charts are very personal and unique.


When are the opportunities will knock your door, what are the challenges that you have to expect for your character development. If you want to change and transform your life, you need to know the right moves and natal charts allow you to know all the changes and transformative points.


For the analysis of your natal chart, your birth date, your exact birth time and the place of birth are required. Approximate birth hours can not be studied. If you do not know your exact birth time, you may have your exact birth time detected by rectification. Sessions can be carried out with the request of the client as Skype call, FaceTime call or a Zoom. Natal chart consultation is approximately 90 minutes.

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